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About Us

We have decided to introduce this trade portal in order to help genuine and serious sellers and buyers, most especially to try and stop those 'pie-in-the-sky' sellers and buyers of petroleum products. As such, we hope the serious seller with the real product will be able to make contact with the genuine buyers and their mandates.

We hope Global Petroleads will be the awaited hub for sellers and buyers that have our petroleum product business at heart. We therefore wish all our patronisers around the world, a successful business in all they endeavours.

Our idea of helping petroleum products buyers and sellers is to enable these two major players to search and find the exact information they require. Be it for price of product, reliable sellers, terms transparency and for open procedures.

Being a major player in the petroleum business for many years has given us the chance to know the difficulty that both buyers and sellers normally have in order to get the right and required information.

We therefore appeal to you to take advantage of our unique service. Your size does not matter anymore; you may be a big, medium or small petroleum product business company. World petroleum product business is big enough to accommodate everyone. There will always be chance and opportunity for those that strive for what they want. Our eagerness to help is fair and simple; we only hope that it will help our users to achieve their expectations.

GLOBALPETROLEADS is here to help and to provide acceptable and fair petroleum product business platform for our petroleum product traders, brokers, refineries, bankers, contractors, producers and lawyers to work together successfully anywhere and at anytime.

We are ready to flex our flexible business muscles in order to accommodate and help our users anyway we can.

Our goal is to help our members to find new business partners from across the world and exchange petrol trade offers through GLOBALPETROLEADS.

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